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By purchasing Martha Pullen’s Internet Embroidery Club, you have elected to ACCEPT the terms of our licensing agreement given below.

All artwork, embroidery designs, and other software created by Martha Pullen Company are copyrighted. These copyrights protect you and us.

Embroidery designs and other software created by Martha Pullen Company are licensed for ORIGINAL CUSTOMER USE ONLY.

This means you may produce as many sewn products with the software as you desire but you must be the embroiderer. You are allowed to modify, add to, and adjust the designs to fit your needs for sewing.

You cannot sell, trade, share, copy, loan, rent, lease, transfer, or in any way duplicate the design file in any part or whole without violating copyright laws.

Martha Pullen Company, as well as most other reputable embroidery design companies, presently do and will continue to prosecute those whom they feel break these laws. We can all help each other by supporting these laws and reporting violators. Your help and support in this area allows Martha Pullen Company as well as other companies to continue bringing you the very finest in embroidery software and designs.